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Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online English tutor  by: Lisa
Duo De (Beijing) education company was established in 2015. Currently, we are looking for native speakers for online English training. We provide professional English lessons in terms of IELTS,..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Part-time Online Native English Teachers Wanted  by: Sophitia
Yanzhiup Online Education is a Shanghai-based company, focus on one-on-one online English learning for children aged from 3 to 6 years old. 1. Location: No matter if you are in China or abroad, as..
Asia( any Asian country except China) , Europe, Middle East, etc.  by: Nicolas
DEAR PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYER, I am a highly qualified , enthusiastic and dedicated English teacher with about 10 years teaching experience in my country and abroad in both public and private schools..
China  by: Badr Saad
Hello, ? ? I am just looking for a nice teaching position for this term throughout China. I am a qualified English teacher with over than 13 year teaching experience in different schools. I have..
Changchun  by: Jilin YiZhao Education
Qualified Foreign teachers wanted in China Requirements: We would like to hear from candidates who are: ?Native English speakers or fluent non-native speakers with no distinguishable accent ?Have..
Quang binh province, Viet nam  by: Anh My english school
We are looking for english teacher who can come to work in Oct and Nov 2018 - Candidate must have a diploma, TEFL certificate, police check and 2 years experience teaching. - 25 working hour per..
School -- Shenzhen  by: findworkabroad
To Apply visit this link: http://cips.io.oppenheimer-comprital.com/e62cd4 Looking for Native English Teacher Location: Shenzhen (near Hongkong), Guangdong Province Shenzhen, Futian District near Hua Xin Metro station (Line..
School -- School -- Shanghai,China  by: Mellong American School
Job Title: English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher.(Full-Time) Age Range:Students range between 7 to 16 years old. Job Duties and Responsibilities: Plan, prepare, and teach well developed lessons..
[Ulsan, Coastal City] Reputable Private with Established Curriculum  by: GLOII JC
We are hiring 3 ESL teachers who will teach and nurture our beloved Kinder - Early Elementary kids. The school's highly sophisticated education programs and curriculum help teachers enhance..
Teach in South Korean Public Schools with the EPIK Program  by: SeoulESL
Teach in South Korean Public Schools with the EPIK Program Job Description Discover Korea and teach English in Korean public schools through the English Program In Korea (EPIK). Korea, also known as..
Re looking for suggestions about building a website to display schools' comments  by: The Shadow Knows
Teachers are already using this FOREIGN owned and operated board to talk about bullshit schools and fraudsters. The last thing we need or want is a Chinese platform since it is most likely going to..
Re Dunham Institute, Mexico  by: Rachel
OMG this was exactly my experience, or nearly so. I was there in the winter of 2013 and taught for her without taking the certificate course (I am already a certified teacher in the US). She..
Re: World International English in Suzhou  by: Anonymous
I haven't been on here in such a long time! I'm not sure if this is the same school but I worked there a while ago. The school was in Changshu (Suzhou) and it seems they have different schools in..
EYAS Group  by: Heath Davidson
I want to warn anyone looking for a job in China to avoid jobs posed by the EYAS group. They have EYAS Kids, the international EIA program, and RISE schools in Wuhan. It has been a completely..
Power English Center  by: ESL Teachers Needed for the New School Year!!
Power English Center is located in Phu Nhuan District, Saigon – one of the most active and bustling cities in Vietnam. We are recruiting teachers to teach at public/private schools: We send our..
Lookin for a partner in Korea  by: Chris, Kim
Hello, I am looking for a partner who have interest in teaching English and who can invest 50% for establishing a private English school in Korea. As English learning business is really big and has a..
JILIN YOUNOVO EDUCATION 吉林省天硕教育交流服务有限公司 www.younovo.com Company Introduction JILIN Younovo Education offers different level of teaching positions for English speakers..
Malaysia  by: Paul Sildy McAdie
I am Paul Sildy , an agent for an English Language centre based in Malaysia. The school has a range of ESL programmes including an intensive IELTS programme . The school has a team of qualified..
bournemouth  by: Jenny Brunyee
Homestay Host in Minnesota  by: M and M Homestay
We are offering a variety of different programs for people wanting to come to the United States of America for furthering their English education, skills, and knowledge, or even pleasure visits to..
Looking for Students, Schools or Companies  by: Myles
Hello Everyone, I am looking for Students, schools or companies who need online English teachers ( Filipinos and American) We have a center/office for teachers teaching online and we are looking for..
Looking for Students, Schools or Companies  by: Myles
Hello Everyone, I am looking for Students, schools or companies who need online English teachers ( Filipinos and American) We have a center/office for teachers teaching online and we are looking for..
My Chinese for your Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China   by: Shiyan+Golden+Future+Foreign+Language+Training+School+is+located+in+Shiyan+City%2C+Hubei+Province%2C
Shiyan Golden Future Foreign Language Training School is located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China. It was established in 2004, which provides professional and fun programs to both teenager and..
Re findworkabroad   by: findworkabroad zhang
I really like the service. Quick in giving feedback. Queries were answered right away. Staff is accommodating and approachable. Friendly as well! I couldn't ask for more. Thank you for assisting me...
Re findworkabroad   by: findworkabroad zhang
I really like the service. Quick in giving feedback. Queries were answered right away. Staff is accommodating and approachable. Friendly as well! I couldn't ask for more. Thank you for assisting me...
English-speaking lawyers in Korea  by: oldrok
The following is a regional list of Korean lawyers that can speak English and have counseled foreign clients. Taeshin Law Firm 18, Seocho-daero 50-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea. Yuseong Bldg. 4th and..
Re: Arriving at your school with a homeland medical  by: expat hubby
Ziggy is Bob Marley's son. Ziggy sings that song very well imo. He's a very good singer and the song is a very good song.
Verb To be worksheet  by: Azzeddine Tamlakoutan
Hi colleagues! This is gonna be my first participation with you on this forum. I offer you a recently designed worksheet I designed and published on my blog. Feel free to download it.
Tips and Tricks (for teachers)  by: teach2learn05
The History Of The Star Wars Films  by: Gray Rollins
Star Wars was one of those magnificent films that was an instant phenomenon when it hit the box office and continues to be a hit today. Why not take a moment to follow the intriguing history of Star..
How to teach bilingual students successfully?  by: Isabel Wiliams
An effective bilingual education is in its nature multidimensional and flexible in classroom instruction, organization the creation of a program aimed to reach specific objectives. Teachers facing..
Free content for your educational site/blog  by: Sa
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Re Teaching English at a Kindergarten  by: J
Hi Josie, Gees, I'm a teacher at a kindergarten near Hangzhou, well, I teach at 7 different kindergartens. I was pretty much the same as you when I started out. Good of you to post online, I notice..
Free Childrens eBook-Ecological Awareness  by: Mary Lee Mattison
By Mary Lee Mattison http://www.theartfairy.com.oppenheimer-comprital.com/
Assistive Technology for Teachers  by: Katlyn Joy
Assistive technology is defined in IDEA, or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, as any item or piece of equipment or system, that is used for the purpose of maintaining, increasing or..
USA - California - San Diego  by: Teaching House San Diego
Teaching House San Diego runs the University of Cambridge CELTA (the Certificate in English Language Teaching), the most widely accepted TESOL program in the world. Teaching House has developed a..
5 Things You Must Do in a Bad Job Market  by: Don Goodman
Unemployment is at 5-year high of 6.1% with 605,000 jobs leaving the market. This will only get worse as the turmoil from the financial markets causes more layoffs. Here are 5 things you should do..
Working For The Enemy – A Lesson In Conflict  by: Erik Alburg
Have you ever had a boss who you could never see eye to eye? Did it seem that every thing that you did was wrong? Did you think you were working for the Enemy? Wait, don’t quit! There may be a..
Do You Have A Life Plan  by: Deanna Mascle
During the course of our daily lives we make plans. We make plans for dinner, for trips to the grocery store, and for cleaning our house. We also make long-term plans for our education, our finances,..
No Nursing Home for Me (joke)  by: Van
About 2 years ago my wife and I were on a cruise through the western Mediterranean aboard a Princess liner. At dinner we noticed an elderly lady sitting alone along the rail of the grand stairway in..
Story Writing Tips for Children - Bring Characters to Life by Showing, Not Telling  by: Jen McVeity
How to 'Show, Not Tell' Would you waste money on an opera ticket for this guy? 'Of course I love opera,' he said, foot tapping restlessly. Research has shown that the old adage is true: Actions (such..
Freebie Promotions - How Giving Away Free Stuff Can Boost Your Business  by: Mark Falco
Everybody Loves A Freebie! It's true! Who doesn't like to get free stuff, no matter how cheap, lame or otherwise undesirable? You know it, I know it and you can be darn sure the marketing departments..
accept responsibility  by: Marcus
accept responsibility for your actions
Killing the Word Whisker As You Learn English - Learning Tips  by: Michael L Wilson
Word whiskers are not just crutches for the language novice. They are also crutches for many a skilled public speaker. Most public speakers or lecturers will rid themselves of that nasty word whisker..
English: Pls correct this sentence?  by: answers.yahoo.com
I am suffering from eyesight. what should it be??
France - Strasbourg  by: Strasbourg International School
School Philosophy: S.I.S. believes in the importance of an international education for a global future High quality English language education International flavour Promote mutual respect, tolerance..
Guangdong - Guangzhou  by: Legend World Teaching Center
Legend World Teaching Center is committed to creating the most legitimate and professional foreign teachers system, perfect service system, professional enthusiastic consultant staffs; Legend World..
India - Amritsar, Punjab  by: Indus World School
Indus World School: The learner is at the heart of everything that happens in Indus. It’s all about the child. And so is the Indus philosophy and curriculum — completely child-centric. In other..
Sapporo, Hokkaido  by: Hokkaido International School
With a flexible year-round enrollment scheme, we have approximately 180 students in grades Pre-K through 12 from more than 20 different countries. HIS graduates attend top universities in the US,..
Bundang-gu  by: KCTY
The vision of our school is to provide a new kind of English education here in Korea. Most private English academies in Korea tend to take the approach that the more students memorize and the faster..
Australia - Maroochydore (Sunshine Coast)  by: Quest College Pty Ltd
QUEST College now offers international students the opportunity to study Business, English or Welfare Courses in Maroochydore on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Courses include: CRICOS Accredited:..
Colombia - Medellín, Bogotá and other cities  by: FNL Language Solutions
FNL Language Solutions FNL stands for FUN N LEARN. We started in 1998 offering language services and comprehensive communication solutions to companies and customers. We have supported national and..
Washington State - Seattle  by: Seattle Language Academy
Seattle Language Academy’s English Language Program is part of a non-profit language school in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. It offers an Intensive English Program, evening classes and..
Apricot Online  by: Alternative online education for vulnerable young people
Live, online education working directly with mainstream schools, PRUs, Hospital Schools, Education Authorities, and more, as part of a blended learning programme to offer quality alternative..
Italian, French, Spanish and German - Cagliari, Italy  by: International Welcome School - Scuola di lingue
Language School in Sardegna, Italy International Welcome School is a specialised (and general) language school. We can offer specialised courses in a range of business-related subjects. The school is..
The Esperanza Project  by: Cabrera, Dominican Republic
The Esperanza Project is based in the quiet, picturesque town of Cabrera on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. It is a non-Profit organization founded and run by two highly energetic and..
How to get to Taipei from Xiamen?  by: answers.yahoo.com
Heard that there is shuttle flight between Xiamen and Taipei during Chinese New Year but for Taiwanese only. Is it true?
Re: What is teaching like in Seoul for an African American woman?  by: Tara Franklin
Hi, What Charles said is not accurate. Asian people do not believe Caucasian people are superior at all. Some people link some Asian people's preference of white skin to the West; but it has more to..
Asian Business Strategy and Approaches Today compared to the West – lessons from the classic text on  by: Jason Armstrong
By Dr. Jason Armstrong Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” is considered to provide the most profound lessons for leadership, and victory in East or the West. Today its principles are applied to business..
Media Kids  by: Raymond Rose
I worked for Media Kids for a full semester, a semester that almost killed me. http://www.mediakids-edu.com.oppenheimer-comprital.com/ I am 27 years old, in excellent health, and graduated with a Masters degree 2 years ago..
How to Visit Hiroshima  by: Collaborator
Hiroshima is known across the world as the first city in history to be subjected to an atomic bomb. Although the devastation was immens--and all but incomprehensible--it wasn't absolute. The city of..
Philippines Packing Tips  by: Jason Martin
If you've traveled at all, you know that packing for a trip can be time consumer and perhaps a worrisome ordeal. If you're traveling a far distance, to some exotic land, the pressure really cranks..
Is Globalization Touching India?  by: S Kumar
Most businesses' traditional boundaries and marketplace definitions are being made irrelevant and getting redefined by globalization. Such concepts as borders are becoming archaic, with the..
Getting To Wellington, New Zealand  by: Orson Johnson
Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is a favourite travel destination for both nature lovers and shopping enthusiasts. It is also a popular family destination due to the wholesome local culture..
Our First Night in Rome, Italy  by: Don Doman
Rob confided after arriving in Amsterdam that he didn’t feel like he was in a foreign country, yet. That was how I felt until just a short time later on the second leg of our flight. I raised the..
How to Start a Small Business in Ensenada, Mexico  by: Jennifer Moore
Starting a business in Ensenada Mexico is much like starting a business in the United States except for a few rules that differ. Most foreigners either register as a corporation or as a Limited..
Travel And Work Permits: Other Important Documents To Get While Applying For Your Green Card  by: John Kunkle
While applying for your adjustment of status, it makes sense to apply for two other INS documents: One is Form I-131 Petition for Travel Document. Technically speaking, your fianc cannot leave the..
USA - San Diego, California  by: Travelodge San Diego Mission Valley
The Travelodge San Diego Mission Valley/Hotel Circle is conveniently located off I-8 and is centrally located on Hotel Circle, just a brief drive from all San Diego's most popular attractions,..
How to Book Cheap International Flights  by: Pauline Go
With the growth of the airline industry, there has been an increase in international business and holiday travels. People who love to go on a vacation will want to have the cheapest international..

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